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Pierce/St. Croix County Conservation Speaking Contest

Looking for a way to use your Cultural Art’s Festival speech again?  Consider using it for the Pierce County or St. Croix County Conservation Speaking Contests.  The contest is open to youth in grades 5-12.  You can enter the contest for the county in which you reside or where your school district is. (For example, […]

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Safe Preserving: Time to Make Pickles

The garden is ready, time to make pickles! Many vegetables can be pickled, with flavorful results. And pickling low-acid vegetables like green beans and cucumbers allow these products to be canned quickly and easily in a boiling water or  steam canner. Pickling may seem to be a rather mysterious process, with complex steps and unusual […]


Bat Ecology & Damage Management

For more information on Bat Ecology & Damage Management, please see the Publication at the UWEX Learning Store. Link → http://learningstore.uwex.edu/Assets/pdfs/G3997-012.pdf For other publications, visit the UWEX Learning Store for the many available resources.


4-H Livestock Record App Now Available on iTunes!

Do you agonize over 4-H record keeping? Now you can organize your market livestock project information on your iPhone or iPad and send customized reports right to your email inbox. • Track your 4-H’ers and their individual livestock project animals • Track participation in events, meetings, shows, contests and more • Record animal weights, feed, […]

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Farm Bill Update Meetings Offered for Row Crop Producers

Farmers and landowners will get their questions answered about the crop provisions of the new Farm Bill at Informational Meetings on Tuesday, November 11th  9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Elmwood Auditorium in Elmwood, WI.  University of Wisconsin-Extension and the Farm Service Agency offices in Pierce and St. Croix Counties are hosting this free informational […]


Determining Sale Prices for Direct Marketing of Grain Fed Beef Animals

Interested in knowing how to determine sale prices for direct marketing of grain fed beef animals? This spreadsheet tool can be utilized to calculate estimated grain/loss for beef producers direct marketing beef. It can also be used for beef producers to provide information on cost comparison, expected amount of beef, etc. It is intended to be […]


Pricing Wet (HMSC) Corn App

 Pricing Wet (HMSC) Corn is a new free app that is based off a spreadsheet developed by former UW-  Extension specialist and educators (Campbell, Key, Frank, Schneider) to help determine an equivalent value for wet shell corn when compared with a dry shell corn price (a link to current local elevator dry corn bid prices is built […]


4-H Club Charters

The charter is due in October. All 4-H Clubs and Groups must be chartered. Each year existing 4-H Clubs must renew this charter. Charters are based on the completion of this “Wisconsin 4-H Annual Charter Renewal” packet. All sections in this six-page packet must be completed by the club leadership team and returned to the County […]

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4-H Barn Quilts

Thank you to all our 4-H Clubs that participated in making barn quilts for the silent auction during the Pierce County Fair. Each quilt is 4’x4′ in size, with proceeds going toward local charities. Quilt Construction Here is a tale from two 4-H Town & Country members, telling us their experience: “Playful Pinwheels”  We didn’t know […]


Barn Quilts

For all the clubs that have decided to make a barn quilt, below are some construction tips, and here are some ideas for barn quilt patterns. Barn Quilt Patterns When you’ve finished the quilt, send up a picture and the recommended opening big for the silent auction at the Fair. If your club has a specific […]